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    Automatic Liquid Packing Machine is widely used for packing various kinds of liquid. Such as pure water, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It uses single lay PE film for packaging material. Applicable Products :- Suitable for Packing Beverages, Mineral Water, Soya Milk, Juices, Pouch Drinks etc. Automatic Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine have functions of :- - Pouch / Bag Forming - Accurate Piston Type Filling System - Vertical Sealing - Horizontal Sealing and Cutting - Batch / Date Printing - Ultra Violet Pouch / Film Sterilization - SS Stainless Steel Structure - Control Panel - Contact Parts made of Food Grade Stainless Steel Silent Features :- - Automatic Operation - Suitable for Many Types of Liquid - Easy Operation & Maintenance - No Compressor Required - Competitive Price - High Grade Stainless Steel construction - Photo cell controlled - Equipped with data coding machine - UV Sterilization for film - High accuracy Piston type filling system - Single Phase operating and low power consumption - No cooling water required - Noiseless operation - Negligible Maintenance Technical Specifications : Model:- MRE -LF -23 Packing Material HDPE, LDPE and other co-extruded films Production Capacity 1500-2100 BAGS/H Sealing Type Center Seal Filling Range 100-500 ml Voltage AC 220 V/ 50 Hz Power Load 1.5 KW Dimension 1100*950*2150 mm

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